heritage livestock

We are a small scale farm that strongly believes in the ethical raising of livestock.  All of our animals are free range and grass fed  (supplemented with hay in the winter).  The animals are butchered on site to insure a stress-free, respectful and traceable process. Our passion is to produce  a kind  alternative to factory farming and to supply our community with an ethical, humane and quality source of meat.

kune kune pigs

breed of domestic pig from New Zealand.  They are hairy, with a rotund build and some have wattles (or piri piri) hanging from their chins. They graze instead of rooting and so are very popular as orchard pigs. The Kune Kune have a  wonderful , friendly  and docile nature.


st. croix

The St.Croix is a breed of domestic sheep native to the U.S Virgin Islands and named for the island of Saint Croix.  It is a breed of hair sheep which does not grow wool, this as well as their hardy resistance to parasites make them an easy sheep to keep. The meat is tender with a mild flavor.


red angus cattle

Like most modern American beef breeds, the Red Angus breed had its beginning in Europe.Red Angus cows are hardy, and grow quickly. They produce marbled meat like that of the Black Angus, and their meat is also highly desired.